Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka for a memorable experience

What if you get a chance for scuba diving?

To make the best of it, you should select a location in Sri Lanka. Scuba diving in Sri Lanka is great fun. Starting from the North Western coast, you’ll find hundreds of excellent dive sites to Nilaweli in Trincomalee. Lots of foreign, as well as local tourists, love to have marvelous scuba diving experience in Sri Lanka. It’s because of the enchanting scent of fresh marine air that takes any seafarer away to a fascinating trance-like state. Tropical fishes of brilliant colors, dangling corals, and shipwrecks are a few exciting experience you can have in Sri Lanka diving. And turquoise-coloured waters of the vast oceans makes Sri Lanka a paradise where you can have an ultimate experience in scuba diving.In fact, even snorkeling will be an exciting experience for anybody who loves adventuring in the water.

scuba diving in sri lanka scuba diving in sri lanka

Sri Lanka Scuba Diving is Exciting

Scuba diving and snorkeling bring you an unimaginable fun enjoying the cool caress of the great Indian Ocean. Basking in the cold currents with the brilliant sun overhead you will find it easier to see the marine life clearly. The underwater photographs prove the beauty and elegance of the marine kingdom. The lovely fishes, giant turtles, dolphins and of course multi-colored corals will enhance the sight.

What if you happen to have a face to face encounter with a massive bull shark?

Scarry isn’t it? But, these will last in your mind forever.

Famous Dive Spots around Sri Lanka

There are a large number of dive sites including Unawatuna, Hikkaduwa, Bentota, the Basses at Weligama, Kalpitiya, and Trincomalee. There’s an excellent underwater visibility in these places. That’s the reason for them to become so famous. There are multiple diving sites in these areas, and everybody can enjoy great dives for affordable prices.

Unawatuna is a marvelous dive spot mainly due to the calm sea and sandy beaches. The sandy bay two kilo meters long and lined with coconut trees makes an exceptional resort to tourists. It’s ideal both for scuba diving and snorkeling. You can enjoy different types of dives including fun dives, reefs dives, wreck dives and night dives. In wreck dives, you should not bring any thing to the surface from the wrecked ships because it’s strictly prohibited by the archeological department of the country.

The dive centers at Unawatuna facilitate diving by offering various dive packages for affordable prices. Since they are not too much costly, even a lot of Sri Lankans join them.

PADI Diving Training Programmes

At Unawatuna, you can join PADI diving training programmes and train yourself at a professional level. Advanced courses for open water diving, rescue diving, master scuba diving and dive master courses are available there. So, if you do have an interest, you can enjoy scuba diving Sri Lanka at its best while having a professional knowledge.

Even for kids of 8, there is PADI Bubblemaker course and for the grown up children, there are other open water diving courses.

Join Scuba diving in Sri Lanka as a family

Well, doesn’t that sound great?

Don’t you like to share your underwater experience with your kids? Make them your diving buddies. The breathtakingly beautiful underwater sites will be an exciting experience to them. Learning at a very young age will last long, and kids will love it. But, as a parent, you should take care of your child in scuba diving since there is a risk to their lives from the very moment they get into the water. Make sure whether the child is matured enough for the course and always have a professional PADI instructor as the teacher.

Facilities Available in Sri Lanka for Scuba Diving

Most scuba diving centers in Sri Lanka have the latest equipment to facilitate divers. Modern diving gears, breathing apparatus, Oxygen tanks and boats are available. Most of these boats have sunroofs, coolers, marine radios, cell phones, etc.

Furthermore, they arrange safe, snorkeling trips even for non-divers. Since they have experience in this field, they know the best safe snorkeling spots for non-divers. Get ready! Unawatuna Jungle Bay is willing to welcome you for a snorkeling trip. So, now you need not essentially be a scuba diver to enjoy an underwater experience.

Points to keep in mind in scuba diving

You should consider these points before you start scuba diving in Sri Lanka. Usually, basic scuba diving gear is composed of the mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit. Some divers have their diving gears whereas most others use rented ones. You must consider these crucial factors in dealing with issues related to your diving gear. The most advisable thing is buying a diving gear for your use because it’s advantageous in several ways.

Your brand new diving gear is fit and comfortable.

You can select one that best matches your body size. Rental ones may give you trouble. Poorly fitting BCD or leaking masks will put you into trouble, and you’ll lose the fun with dives.

Ensures safety

If you use your diving gear, you’ll find it easier to manage everything since you know how it works. So, it’s easy for you to reach out to your accessories as you are familiar with your suit. It assures your safety.

Cost effectiveness

Rental prices go up day by day. But, if you have your gear, such things don’t affect you.

It serves multi purposes

You can use certain parts of your diving gear even for other water sports. In the case of rental equipment, you cannot do this practically. These things too are equally important, and you should keep them in mind;

The mask should properly fit into your size. And always buy from a reliable company. If not, you will get some low-quality stuff, and they are liable to damage. Especially, the valves of some low-quality BCDs may inflate. So, you must be smart in buying.

Some safety measures

You must have an excellent diving buddy. In any case, if he’s not experienced you must keep an eye on him. However, you must not go far away from your friends. If you are a dive novice, be careful to pay attention to energy issues under water.

scuba diving in sri lanka scuba diving in sri lanka

Where to find the best scuba dive masters in Sri Lanka

If you are a beginner, you must have your first scuba diving experience under the guidance of a veteran professional who knows how to help a newbie. Of course, diving is a crucial activity that may cause danger to one’s life. There are excellent divemasters in Sri Lanka who assist divers of all kinds. But, not all of them are kind, helpful and considerate. Even if they guide you in the correct way, if they are not polite or patient they may hurt your feelings. Then, you’ll lose the fun and excitement you expect.

International Diving School of R.K.Somadasa de Silva

If you need a talented, smart and friendly dive master to do your scuba diving in Sri Lanka, you must consult the professionals in the International Diving School of R.K.Somadasa de Silva in Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary, Sri Lanka.They have understood what they should do to help someone new to diving.

The whole staff, from the director Mr. R.K.Somadasa de Silva to the minor officials have determined to do their job well. They see to the needs of every client who comes to them. Read this review from an excited father;

“That was my son’s first dive.he was a little scared. But, the kind and energetic staff in the diving school helped him to get rid of his fears, and he enjoyed a lot.

Of course, now Sachin, the Director’s son is in charge of the school. But, as he’s also a smart professional in the field, the high quality of the services remains unchanged. Both UDI and CMOS qualified professionals to conduct scuba diving sessions. They use the most modern diving equipment. Even the chief boatman is a professional in the field. So, nothing to worry about the safety or any other related issues.


When it comes to pricing, anybody can see that they are reasonable. Clients have to select the package they need. But, anyway, the charges worth the services they offer. Therefore, you don’t have to worry. Customers always go in for a reliable service, and that’s why they always visit Somadasa’s at Hikkaduwa and Trincomalee.

scuba diving in sri lanka scuba diving in sri lanka

There are some famous diving locations just a few minutes boat ride away from the school. The instructors take customers to these sites for diving excursions.Of course, there’s a very high visibility in these locations. So, the divers can move around the marvels of marine environment such as fishes, coral, seaweed, etc. Therefore, if you need to have a fantastic experience of diving in Sri Lanka, just reach the two centers of International diving school of R.K. Somadasa de Silva in Hikkaduwa and Trincomalee. You will love this exceptional experience of Sri Lanka diving. To enjoy both scuba diving and Snorkeling join with them and spend your holidays among the great Sri Lankan waters.

Don’t hesitate to enhance your diving experience by joining these experienced diving experts. They’ll back you up to have the best scuba diving session you’ve ever had. So, count on them and enjoy the best of this opportunity.