Sri Lanka Diving Sites Information for diving lovers

Diving is fun. The Indian Ocean around Sri Lanka is an ideal place to go diving. There are several significant reasons for that. Divers find numerous excellent Sri Lanka diving sites. The depths of the ocean being sandy and less rocky, there are no obstacles for any diving. The underwater world is attractive with fishes of brilliant colors and sea anemones. Apart from these, diving in Sri Lanka is famous due to some other reasons like pearl hunting. However, diving in the Sri Lankan waters is something that most foreigners and local people prefer.

Several famous diving sites are in Sri Lanka. The beauty and usefulness of these places prove that anybody can enjoy Sri Lanka diving tours. Beruwala, Negombo, Kalutara, the Basses in the Down South, Matara, Trincomalee and Batticaloa are some of the famous sites.Out of them, Nilaweli is one of the best.They have become famous due to the reasons mentioned above.


Nilaweli is one of the best prime diving sites in Sri Lanka. The sea is calm and attractive there. It’s an ideal place both for swimmers and divers.You can enjoy any diving including deep sea diving, wreck diving, etc. in these sites. Nilaweli is an area of the greatest tourist attraction on the East Coast.Uppuveli is also another favourite place situated near Nilaweli.

What we see as a specialty in the East Coast is the clean and attractive sea water body. Many local and foreign tourists dive here from October to April. Some divers declare that the underwater world in Trincomalee is a paradise.It’s such a marvel to see.

Diving in Nilaweli is both fun and adventurous along with its shipwrecks.The past civil war, accidents, and many other maritime disputes have left some of the ruins of boats and ships.Most divers like to see these ruins. And some have made it a habit of moving through these numerous loads of metal. Also, the famous pigeon island is another famous landmark in Nilaweli. Some people prefer the sea there, as a famous dive site since it’s not rocky or muddy.

So, many divers find it an exceptional location to dive. Non-divers can snorkel in the sea. Nilaweli Diving centre is there to help all who plunge into the amazing blue waters there.You can enjoy deep diving, night diving, Wreck diving and there are possibilities of enjoying underwater photography too.

sri lanka diving sites sri lanka diving sites

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is a great place of tourist attraction. Diving in the warm water in Nilaweli is a great joy for any diver. From April to October, it offers you an ideal dive location with very high visibility. The water stays clean throughout those few months until monsoons breakout in December.The warm tropical waters just invite you for a friendly and safe dive.

The storms bring lots of rain, and it effects in the visibility and makes diving pointless.The water becomes a little unclear due to the rain. So, you won’t be able to see the marine life very well. But, during the season, it’s easy to see the underwater world clearly.It’s advisable for any diver to come to Nilaweli from May to October every year.

During the diving season, you can see a lot of stingrays, morays, tuna, parrot fish, sharpers, and hawkfish, etc. If you swim a little further off the shore, you can spot Dolphins and Whales too. Nilaweli is an excellent location for scuba diving. It’s known as a diving paradise. Divers can explore an underwater paradise here. There are a lot of underwater landscapes. Shipwrecks are a common feature here.

Swami Rock is another famous dive site in Trincomalee. It has a very high visibility, and that’s why divers spot a lot of beautiful sights there. Snorkelling around the Pigeon Island is an experience a lot of divers crave.

In the South West, Bentota and Beruwala are two famous dive sites where local and foreign divers flock for an enjoyable time during the season. Almost all the locations in the Southern seaboard are ideal places for scuba diving and snorkeling trips.

You can have excellent PADI and UDI instructors to monitor the novice divers.So, they can get many experiences and knowledge in the field from these experts. As they always keep an eye on newbies, nothing to worry about the security.

Down South has a variety of ideal dive sites that attract dive-maniacs. There are places of shipwreck like Rangoon wreck. Unawatuna has a unique attraction as a dive site. It’s mainly because of the clear seabed there. Intermonsoonal diving in the Great Bases is exceptional. Wherever you sink in the magnificent waters in the Great Basses, you can feel the difference.

You will be amazed at the corals, fishes, overhangs, pinnacles, furrows, and of course a lot of light and colours. Divers often feel it adventurous with Eagle Rays, White Tip sharks, and shoals of goatfishes, etc. Don’t you like to sway among the powerful surge?

Also, there are a lot of places where you find remnants of shipwrecks. Some call the diving site in the Great Basses “The Garden of Eden.” Divers often see deserted anchors and ruins of ships in this place. One can reap a lot of benefits by diving in the Great Bases. But, unfortunately, diving in the Basses is possible only for a short time duration; from the 15th of March to 15th of April every year. The season for that is the powerful surge and currents in the place.

So, diving in the Bases is a hard work out like thing. Something similar to swimming in a washing machine. The powerful currents in this site make the things difficult for the divers. But, it’s still exciting and an exceptional experience. Also, the strange sandstone reefs are creations of the strong tides. One can experience all these things in this magnificent dive location.

Weligama Bay is another famous dive area in Sri Lanka.It’s attractive as a real dive site abounds in numerous sea creatures and sandstones.It is a well-known dive site throughout the Southern seaboard.

Kalpitiya is another booming diving site in the North Western Coast. It’s well known as a fishing area too.Its magnificent setting has been able to win tourist attraction as a dive site. Fantastic corals and marine creatures add more to the beauty of this place. Kalpitiya is an ideal location famous for kitesurfing and whale and dolphin watching excursions.Bay reef sanctuary also helps it to become famous.There are many dive sites here such as Nisha Rock, Davies Dive, Thalawila Reef, Bulldog Reef, Paraw Reef, etc.

The sandy bottom and the crevices made of sandstone make this location attractive.Night dive is also significant in can get the maximum support of the PADI experts here. Apart from these, Kalpitiya abounds in lots of asset-like gifts of nature.But, still, it’s not much of a tourist attraction. Certainly, there are reasons for them to visit and enjoy a dive there.

sri lanka diving sites sri lanka diving sites

Barracuda Reef is another location close to Mount Lavinia in Sri Lanka. It’s home to lots of fishes such as Lionfish, Ray, and Nudibranch. Usually, this site is ideal for any diving from May to September before the breakout of the South Eastern monsoons.Diving in the Barracuda reef is a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. There are a lot of ideal adventures one can experience there.

Negombo, the famous dive site is an underwater paradise. There are numerous excellent dive locations in Negombo. Derana gala, Mutian gala, Maha gala and Mora wala are some of them. Especially, Negombo is famous for the beautiful corals that add a lot of colour to the underwater world.

There are many dive centers all along the coastline on the island.They offer the fullest support to the divers to enhance their diving experiences. PADI and UDI experts in them do a lot to make the diving experiences both colourful and fruitful. The International Diving School in Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka is famous both among local and foreign divers. It offers valuable services to everyone who goes in for their excellent services.

Sachin Hasanka, the Managing Director of the company, is a PADI specialty instructor. He is the second youngest in this field out of all the experts in Sri Lanka.The company employs four more PADI dive masters, one instructor, and two boatmen having thirty years and six years of experience. Their latest equipment and many years of experience help divers at large to overcome their hardships.They have a branch at Trincomalee that provide services of the same high quality.

All these dive locations make Sri Lanka a fabulous destination for diving. The incredible biodiversity beneath the crystal clear, turquoise colour Sri Lankan waters enhance the beauty of this island. The brilliant corals, fishes, limestones, pearls and valuable seaweeds are some useful things you find beneath the sea. But, still, there may be many treasures waiting for you to discover in this amazing underwater paradise.So, why not trying to bring them ashore? Be a lucky diver in the magnificent Indian Ocean. You will be uncovering many hidden treasures at the bottom of the sea.